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   SMART PORTAL  Indoor installation



The Smart Portal is a unique state-of-the-art and patented
repair solution for minor damage non-structural repairs inside

a workshop where dust & fume extraction is necessary.



Manufactured exclusively in Denmark by Carheal International, the Smart Portal range features revolutionary new high quality, composite materials with anodized aluminum frames which are hi-strength, durable, light weight, low noise and high gloss for easy cleaning.

The basic portal is equipped with a paint stop filter and prepared for the activated carbon filter set. With an internal workspace of 400cm x 200cm and a height of 220cm the Smart Portal is ideal passenger cars.


Simple installation - plug and play.
Installed on existing concrete floor

Ideal for workshops with
limited floor space.





The portal can be supplied with a retractable electronic awnings. When not in use, the awning is retracted, freeing up valuable floor space. During painting, the electronic awning is lowered ensuring the vehicle is fully enclosed.

Electrically remote operated awnings/roller blinds or manual curtains are available for one or both sides of the unit, meaning the work area is completely enclosed when in operation or open when not. With the awning(s) retracted, essential space is saved in the workshop! Manufactured from specialist anti-dust, electro static and non-flammable fabric, the awning features a built-in safety window designed to maximize operator and technician safety.



Easy OneTouch Operating Mode Selection


A single illuminated start button makes it simple to change between individual operation modes in your CARHEAL portal. Each mode has a set of predetermined parameters specified for each repair process - Taking into account the temperature in the portal (heating/air condition levels), the airflow, the electronics (on/off), alarm controls, lighting settings, etc.

  SLEEP Mode








Crisp and clear illumination, Flicker free lighting, Energy-Efficient, Explosion-proof 

Lighting is "non-flicker" and supplied by 6 x LED energy efficient lighting rods. Easy to clean ATEX LED lighting frames provide the work area with a minimum 4700 lux lights which is ideal for paint repair & re-finishing.

54W system effekt  //  4.000 kelvin  //  4.350 lumen  //  Opal  //  Colur CRI/RA 90  //  A.T.X Zone 2, 21 & 22





0% pollution -  Fully compliant filtration.


The Carheal air re-circulation system saves energy and eliminates VOC contamination via the unique filtration stages. The filtration system includes... Read more






BLACK BOX / VOC Detection System
Full Monitoring System.


A revolution in data capture and workflow management & control. The Black Box captures and reports all data and user statistics in real time! All data is fed back ... Read more



Smart Portal Options


SMART PORTAL BASE  Smart Portal V1 - Standard
Black Box - PLC controlled / 2 x Curtain sets




SMART PORTAL 1 AWNING  Smart Portal V1 - Standard
Black Box - PLC controlled / 1 x Curtain set / 1 x Electronic Awning




Smart Portal V1 - Standard / Black Box - PLC controlled / 1 x Electronic Awning




Smart Portal V1 - Standard / Black Box - PLC controlled / 2 x Electronic Awning





Smart Portal Overview


Smart Portal V1 - Standard

Smart Portal V1 - High


Black Box - PLC controlled for Portal V1 & V1 High (103004)

Basic PLC for Portal V1 & V1 High (103003)


     Smart Wall (100001)

  3-stage Filtration system
for Smart Portal Standard / High (100111)

 Portal Extension w/ access door (103104)


Curtain set incl. 2 pcs - Smart Portal V1 (103101)
Curtain set incl. 2 pcs - Smart Portal V1 High (103201)


1 x Electronic Awning for Smart Portal V1 (103102)
1 x Electronic Awning for Smart Portal V1 High (103202)


1 x Roller Blind system Smart Portal V1 (103103)

1 x Roller Blind system Smart Portal V1 High (103203)



Paint Mixing room (120 x 200cm) (103005)


Wheel System for Portal V1 & V1 High (103001)








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