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  • SMART Repair Trolleys

    The new range of fully equipped SMART Repair Trolleys have been developed for the high-end SMART Repair specialists. They include all the necessary systems to make high-end repairs.


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  • Smart repair product catalogue

    Download our product catalogue containing the complete range of HBC system Smart repair tools, equipment and consumables


  • Worldwide, day to day shipping of smart repair tools

    HBC System Smarttool Production is an approved IATA shipping agent, which enables us to ship all our repair systems and consumables with worldwide air transport, including chemicals and paint.

  • Smart repair tools from HBC Systems - available through request

    Smart repair tools shop You find all Smart repair systems, smart repair kit´s and single smart repair tools from HBC System, including PDR tools and smart repair spare parts, smart repair consumables, available through the produce request form



Smart Repair Videos  Skip the book and just watch the videos

Fabric & Velour Repair  /  Leather, Plastic & Vinyl Repair  /  Spot Repair  /  Windscreen Repair  /  Headlight Repair  /  Alloy Wheel Repair  /  Caravan Repair  /  PDR  /  Booths

  A - Fabric and Velour Repair

A - Fabric and Velour Repair System


A - Fabric and Velour Repair System


A - Electrostatic Fibre Gun


  B - Leather, Plastic and Vinyl Repair

B1 - Plastic, leather and vinyl repair


B1 - Plastic, leather and vinyl repair


B2 - Texture Repair


B3 Aqua - Dye-to-match color system


B3 Scan - Color Mixing


B3 CAPSURE - Color match tool

  B5 - Leather Care - Leather Guard   B5 - Leather Care - Ink Away   B6 - Plastic Welding System

  Spray Color Systems for leather, plastic, vinyl, fabric and velour

Leather coats


Plastic and vinyl coats


Fabric and velour coats


  C - Spot Repair

C - Spot Repair System


C - Spot Repair System - Glasurit


C - Chipfix System


C - UV-A1 Spot Repair System


C - Paint Application System


C - GlassCoat - Paint Protection



D - Windscreen Repair and Replacement


D-Pro G5 - Windscreen Repair System


D - Windscreen Cutting System





D - Headlight Repair


D - Headlight Repair System


D - UV Protective Coating





E3 - Alloy Wheel Repair


E3 - Alloy Wheel Repair System


E3 - Alloy Wheel Repair System


E3 - Alloy Wheel Repair System - Polished


E3 - Diamond Cut - Alloy Wheel Repair Centre


E3 - Alloy Wheel Repair Machine





E - Caravan Repair


E1 - Caravan Dent Repair System


NP1000 - Caravan Spot Repair System




  G - PDR (Paintless Dent Removal)

PDR - Complete Systems


PDR - Adjustable tools


PDR - Magnetic Tools


PDR - Magnetic Tool - accessory


PDR - Glue Pulling Systems


PDR - Electro-Magnetic Dent Removal System


PDR - Electro-Magnetic Dent Removal System


  CARHEAL - Smart Cabins and Smart Portals

CARHEAL Portal - Indoor


CARHEAL Portal - Indoor




CARHEAL Cabin - Outdoor


CARHEAL Cabin - Outdoor


What is CARHEAL?



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